santa barbara & solvang

june 2018

The best part of living in Los Angeles are all of the places you can get to within a two hour drive. Some of

these spots are Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Big Bear, Ojai and Santa Barbara. The latter is a place I tried

getting to for a long time. Things would always come up the day I was set to visit its rolling hills, famous

vineyards and idyllic beaches. I figured it wasn't meant to be. So when I finally got the chance to go (thanks to

my good friend Cassie), it

seemed right. The town exceeded my expectations; it's a combination of Southern California luxury and Spanish

modesty. Every garden, every terraza and every tiled doorstep transcends visitors to a land abroad—set back

in time a couple hundred years. Like anywhere I go, I become attached to the architectural details: the

windows, doors, gates and staircases. June Gloom welcomed a cloudy weekend, but the white, blanketed light

cast a perfect tone for the surroundings. Now what's Solvang? I can't exactly answer that—it's a bizarre

mystery. What I do know is that it's a small town located 45 minutes northeast of Santa Barbara. It's known for

its "Danish" style architecture and many wineries. If that sounds random, that's because it is. It boasts

windmills, Danish bakeries and a replica or two of buildings in Copenhagen. Only note: it looked a lot more

like Bruges than Denmark. Kind of endearing, nonetheless.