the faroe islands

may 2018

kallur lighthouse, kalsoy 

kallur lighthouse, kalsoy 


It all started…

a little over a year ago when I first saw a picture of these islands. I wasn't sure where they were, what they were, or if they truly existed. turns out they do—although not many people know about them. this is a big reason why I had to go now. the islands lived up to their allure; it is by far and away the most incredible place I'll ever see. the country is untouched, unexplored and is begging for more visitors. however, more and more travelers are slowly discovering the destination. locals think that, after this year, faroese tourism will change forever and its untainted nature will be a thing of the past. the faroes are an autonomous nation in the north atlantic, roughly located between iceland and norway. it boasts a population of 56,000 people, 70,000 sheep and 18 islands. over the last 10 days, I attempted to see every inch of this incredible country. with my camera, hiking poles and loose itineraries in tow, I tried to navigate the immeasurable beauty that this destination holds. with that, here are some of many favorite moments and places from the trip. 


if you got this far, thanks for scrolling! if you have any questions about anything regarding the trip, don't hesitate to shoot me a message. 

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